Grandma! This lady was literally like my mom. She raised me for a while. She cared for me the absolute most outside of my brother and sister. Her heart was big, full of love and forgiving as hell. I remember she wanted me to take this pic of her with her “Dead Tree” is what she called it. It was her favorite part of the backyard.

I visited my grandma almost every weekend, wanting to keep her happy, building her bond with her great grandchildren and helping her as much as I could because she helped me more than she probably ever knew.

I know she believed in Heaven so she should be up there with her husband, probably yelling at her brother, RIP Uncle Donny (aka Willie Nelson).

I miss you grandmama. Thanks for everything you’ve ever done to mold me into the person I am today. You played a such CRITICAL part in my life and I definitely wish I could go hang out with you still!