Don’t Do It


That sounds terrible right. When people talk about kids, typically the response is, “Oh my god, you should have a baby!” Don’t listen to those friends. Those friends, especially if they have kids, are LYING!

Let me explain a little further. I had my first kid at 17. Young, right, I know. Then I had my second one at 19, which is still pretty young but I was two years deep into parenting so I figured I had motherhood figured out.

The younger me, I would’ve told you like yes have some kids. They aren’t that bad. Maybe, maybe the people who tell you to have kids don’t have more than two. Let me tell you, two is the maximum amount of kids anyone should have.

It was the third child that made me break. It tipped the scale. The balance is now out of sync. I have a two older children now and a baby. The baby needs all of the attention, but the older kids aren’t that much older, so they also require attention. There’s never a break and nobody is ever satisfied, and being the perfect mom, that doesn’t exist. Let’s be real.

What I mean by don’t do it, yes the third child tipped the scale but the third child also seems to be the easiest to take care of. My patience level has developed at the age of 29, I was 26 at the time of having her. I was almost completely done with my masters degree, about to sit for the exam to make my career take off.

So when I say, and people will tell you I say it often, “Don’t do it”, I mean, Don’t do it until you are ready. Being a mom at 17, 19 years old, struggling to make ends meet, trying to go to school full-time, work a couple of jobs, and still raise them. That was difficult. When in reality, I should’ve waited. I should’ve done everything first, gotten my degree, established my career, felt okay with life, then brought my children into this world. My older two went through way more struggles with me than my youngest one. All because I wasn’t ready. So if I tell you, “Don’t do it”, I mean, make sure you’re ready! Being a mom or a parent at that, is not easy. It’s cute when they are little, I get the baby fever, but in reality they grow up, they don’t listen sometimes, they laugh when you are angry, they test your fucking patience. In addition to that, they violate all of your privacy, they take all of your money, they eat ALL of the food, and they require a ton of attention. If you like any of the above mentioned things and you don’t want to share or you don’t have money to spend on the diapers, the wipes, the formula, the food, the clothes, the school activities, all of that, then yeah, Don’t do it!

-Dear Perception

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