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  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.”a program to combat racism”

Let’s be real, that’s what we are here for.

Slavery started in 1619, when African Americans were forced to come to America (also a country that Columbus FORCED others out of so he could colonize it). We got that down, Europeans forced others that weren’t like them to come and work for them for free in negligent conditions, after forcing the Native Americans out of their own land as well.

Slavery supposedly ended in 1865. After 246 years. We’re talking hundreds of years of people learning and accepting that people of darker skin color were different and meant to be treated different. That’s hundreds of years of people thinking that it was okay to treat other people this way. I’m not sure how long it takes you to learn a habit and then break it but I’m pretty sure after 246 years, changing someone’s mind was going to be pretty hard. So after 246 years of abuse, the people who were minding their own damn business on their own continent in the first place are freed.

Then the racist people were like, alright we can’t fucking force y’all to work for us or beat y’all anymore, but we also don’t have to make life easy for you. Thus the button on segregation was activated.

Segregate anyone who is different based on skin color. Wtf even is that? Like ooo these people are a different color… let’s make life hard for them. Okay so segregation begins and life continues to be harder for people who had darker skin color, but to the lighter skinned people, they were like, “Be happy we aren’t beating you anymore, but only because it’s illegal now, or else we would!” Lighter skin people continue to be raised with hatred in their hearts and all the light colored people flourish while the darker skin people struggle.

Segregation “ended” in 1964!! After another 99 fucking years, someone finally said it was wrong that people were being treated this way. That maybe all people should have an opportunity to do something with their lives, but really, people were still going to make it hard. Why? Because these minorities just spent 345 years having to learn survival skills. They had to learn how to adapt to a racist society. Because for 345 years people learned it was okay that treating people of different skin colors was acceptable. Because for 345 years, people of color learned skills to survive in a country where they would never be accepted, but it was all they knew, so they had to stay. In order to stay, they had to learn how to steal, hunt, educate themselves on limited resources, to survive in a world that was only meant for the people that had an opportunity. That’s just the surface of the problem.

In turn, people of color taught their children their skills. Taught them how to survive in a unfair world. Some people break through barriers because of it and some continue to struggle because not everyone is meant for survival. Some people are better at it than others. So some people weren’t taught the same skills and thus some people struggle to survive and that is what is being passed on to their generations. So behavior is very learned but it can be changed.

We only teach what we know and accept and that is an opinion. We teach our opinions to our offspring and they can in turn develop their own opinions, but if we’ve nurtured them enough in our own ways, chances are high that they will think in a similar manner. So how do we change the learned behavior of racism? Is this a problem that will eventually wean itself out after another 345 years because enough people are teaching their offspring that racism is wrong? Will there ever be a point where all of the people who grew up learning hatred will be gone? Is this something we can truly combat?

I just wanted to put into perspective how many years of teaching and learning racist people have, and that those people who were alive and being taught that segregation was okay, that had grandparents and great grandparents raising them and teaching them about slavery times. Teaching them that people with different skin color are different. They have raised young children as well, they have raised them to have those same thought processes.

So we can start with reforming the police department but that won’t fix anything. We need to start re-teaching America. Let these horrid acts be in the history but also let the other perspectives be in history. We learn about the Holocaust in school and think how horrific that sounds because they teach it as being such a bad event! The history I learned in school was wrong and it definitely didn’t teach how not to hate, but only taught me that racism existed and it was up to me to figure out if it is wrong. It’s also up to the parents to teach their children that when they come home from school and tell you about a book that literally tells the story of a boy who was bullied because of his skin color, to tell them that is wrong. To tell them you don’t like that book because it’s literally teaching you how to hate. To tell them to argue with their teachers about Columbus Day. Yes, my kid will say, every single year, my mom says Columbus Day shouldn’t exist because he’s a mass murderer.

However our older generations didn’t have that. They learned and learned, time and time again, that they were better than people who had different skin color. They were given a head start at life with opportunity open to them no matter what! Now it is up to these older people who existed back then to continue to fight against it if they did so in the past, teaching their kids that it’s wrong, raising people the right way, or be stuck in their ways that this is how America is and there’s nothing wrong with your perspective.

People today argue slavery ended. People today argue that racism and segregation are loonnngg gone. People today say that black people and other minorities are “overreacting”. People today can shut the fuck up!

At the end of the day, remember, someone could decide that you’re too light for society so you shouldn’t be treated as a human being! Since we get to make rules up and shit. This is America!

-Dear Perception

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