The details are horrifying. Someone who went to serve her country was not only murdered but bludgeoned to death and cut up, then disposed with hopes to never be found. That’s just the story they are getting from one person involved because the other suspect killed himself. Who knows what really happened.

There’s too many unanswered questions right now with this case but one thing for sure is this shouldn’t be taken lightly and ignored. Let’s leave the race out of it for now regarding the army culture and let’s focus on the bigger picture. The fact that not only was this young soldier missing for months before being found murdered, but countless other women soldiers have come out with their own stories. Stories similar to Vanessa Guillen’s and unless people act now, Vanessa’s story will not be the last!

We have to realize this country has so many fires to put out from racism, police brutality, rape culture, the justice system, and more. So where do we even start? It doesn’t matter but pick a starting point and do your part to stand up for something! The least we can do is try! #justiceforguillen #justiceforfloyd and countless others. #whereisthechange

Dear Perception

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