How To (Not) Save A Life


There is a sentiment that gets resurrected every Memorial Day: “If you need anything, if you ever feel like you can’t go on anymore, please don’t …

How To (Not) Save A Life

Self-fkn care at it’s finest! Applauds to this person for learning their limits! Being a crutch for someone is exhausting but that is also something we take on when we offer those sentiments.

It takes a lot for a person to stop being that crutch for others. It takes a lot to say “I’m done!” Because being an “empath” isn’t easy.

I recently identified as an empath and it sucks. I love doing it but at the same time sometimes I gotta ignore that call. However, I’m also that friend who won’t truly ignore you but I will let you know that I am drained and if you need help, send a text. Texting is somehow less draining than talking on the phone!

Anyway, whether you want to help others or be done, there’s no judgment here but know your limits. You can become responsible for someone’s life with the statement, “let me know if you need anything” because some people really will need you. Will you be there?

-Dear Perception

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