I’m NOT here to FIX you!

Autism, Parenting

I live my life based on a few solid principles. This is one of them that can apply to my personal life as well as my career.

It sounds really rude however it’s not exactly what it reads to be.

What I mean is, I’m here to HELP you, not fix you. It’s not my job to fix you.

I recently talked with a co-worker about this and it was such a huge revelation for me to quote it in this manner. When people think of ABA therapy, they see it as 1). Potentially harmful (some people) 2). The go to treatment” to fix/cure/treat, children with autism. 3). What’s ABA therapy?

However, the reality is, we aren’t fixing anything and we definitely cannot cure autism or other disabilities.

In the field of Behavior Analysis, we are not here to fix your child or you or fix anything! ABA therapy is anything but a quick fix that is for sure. It is better described as a team effort that heavily includes the caregivers as a part of that team, and the main person, the person who is going through the treatment.

Therefore, when designing the programs to intervene in someone’s life, it is important to first identify their perspective on life. Something that may seem normal and easy to us may appear differently and difficult for someone else.

Take the time to step out of your world and get into theirs! It’s time to look at autism, disabilities, behavioral issues in a different light. It’s time to start looking at it from their perspective and realize life is different and that’s okay! Remember the principles of behavior and stay true to those as well but keep in mind what it’s like to be a human being. You can identify a function but the treatment put into place has to remember the barriers to treatment outside of 1:1 therapy (can caregivers replicate this?) and where the patient is developmentally as well as potential triggers in the environment

So take a day. It doesn’t even have to be a day, it can be an hour, thirty minutes, any time you can gather, and schedule time to relax and make life fun for your loved one! Not only are you working on establishing yourself as a POSITIVE person, you are establishing control with them so that they don’t feel that life always has to be hard, because for them, our “typical” life, is a little bit harder for them. Spend some time to give them a day off from trying to fit in and let them be themselves!

-Dear Perception

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