Stop Giving a Fuck

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Forreal! While you’re at it, stop comparing your life to everyone else’s. Maybe it’s better, maybe it’s worse, but at the end of the day remember, we are ALL HUMANS and we are all trying to survive!

Whether you want to believe it or not, social media plays a huge impact on the way we think life should be. Not only social media, but also movies, tv shows, books, other people’s experiences, all of it can give off the idea of what life is supposed to be like especially when we compare.

What image do you give off to the public ? What are you thinking when you’re scrolling through? Are you happy, do you feel sad, do you feel angry?

Look at your social media and reflect on your thoughts.

Are you open and honest about the good and the bad times in your own posts? Do you use your platforms for something specific or to connect with other people? If someone stumbled across your page, who would they see? Would it be the real you or the one you want to show everybody? The person you want them to see?

I know that I personally try to post the good times. I don’t post my kids crying really or the days where I’m having a shitty mental health day because I just don’t think that side of me is something everyone needs to see. Why not? Because people are judgy and for my peace of mind, I’d rather not deal with that judgment. I guess in my mind, why would I post something that I know is going to raise attention? I don’t want that, I’m trying to live my life over here and be okay, I can go on without everyone else’s opinion.


Imagine that doctor friend on your list with a smile on her face, holding her doctorate degree in her recent graduate picture with her picture perfect husband and son, leaning against a new Mercedes, holding the keys up high, her smile shines bright, and you also remember a recent post about her new job at one of the top hospitals in the country… everything looks amazing in her life. 🚨Reflect on your feelings of this post.

Now imagine that she did it all because both of her parents were drug addicts and they overdosed when she was younger so she grew up with her aunt who didn’t really want her there but provided the bare minimum. Unfortunately, she used to be into really bad drugs during her teenage years, she also used to cut herself, the scars are covered on her legs, and she used to tell herself she wasn’t worth shit on her really bad days where she felt the loneliest. 🚨 Now reflect on how you feel.

Did your feelings change at all? Mine did and I’m the one who wrote it!

The first post felt peaceful, some people may envy that image, some people might feel proud and happy for her. The second scenario evoked pity and compassion, and my fuel for her success increased as I wanted her to beat the statistics and overcome all odds!

Sometimes I find myself wishing I had more or thinking I need to do more but in reality, I have to remember to not compare myself to others or think about what they may think of me. I have to focus on what I’m doing for myself and what my own motives are behind it, and trust me, it’s not to please others. It helps me to get through everyday just learning to mind my business with the understanding that shit may still get said. Not everyone will agree with my life choices but my life choices shouldn’t have an affect on anyone but myself and my family because I’m not making moves to interrupt anyone else’s life, or not with intent at least. Of course it feels good when people think positively of me, but for the people who may not think that way, I’m not going to be stuck on the negativity when I can create my own happiness and positive environment.

I also don’t let things bother me because at the end of the day I’m happy for everyone’s progress and growth. I believe in karma and good/positive vibes and in the end, everyone will receive what they put out. I really try not to compare my life to anyone’s instead I choose to cheer people on! Hype other people up and make them feel proud, whether they are gloating about it or not, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. So I congratulate all life events within everyone, even if they don’t reciprocate that. I believe that everyone who is at least trying deserves the opportunity for growth and I hope everyone can accomplish that in life!

You just bought a new house! Dude that’s amazing, be proud of that.

You got a promotion at work, I’m happy for you, way to work hard to deserve it! Didn’t deserve it, (drinks tea), congratulations still!

The point is, stop comparing your life to what you see on social media or in your everyday interactions with others. Remember that your experiences are your own. Also remember, many people don’t post the bad times or their past monsters or their personal struggles but we are all human and parenting, working, trying to be there for others, trying to make it in this country, all of it, is a common denominator amongst everyone.

Stop thinking people are better than others based on what you see and start focusing on what you can control. Easier said than done but start learning to stop giving a fuck!

-Dear Perception

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