It’s Early AF (at least it was!)

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I’ve started working extra on the weekend because I just love my job so much! The sarcasm is a little real in that but in reality I really do love my job and sometimes my families can only meet with me on the weekends due to their own work and life. I like to accommodate as much as possible especially since I’m working from home, so who really knows what day it is!

Before I started my sessions today, I woke up super fucking early to make sure I at least looked awake before my meeting. However, my face is still puffy as fuck and I haven’t even finished my coffee because it’s too cold already!

T-10 minutes till meeting and here I am writing this shit because I can’t focus to save my life. In reality I wanted to talk about the limited resources that are available for people who would like to learn more about Autism, especially on Audibles.

After checking my bank account and seeing a charge for 17 dollars, I was really questioning how I never paused the subscription to audibles. My daughter used it for school during distance learning (online school because of COVID) and I completely never stopped the free trial. Therefore I have four credits to use and bet your ass I’m going to use them because I already got charged.

I personally do not even listen to audibles but decided since I have these free credits, maybe I could take advantage of that and grab a few books to listen to while I drive. I immediately typed in “Applied Behavior Analysis” and you know how many results I got, SIX! A whopping six audibles in the library and one of them I’m pretty sure was just a kid’s story about dinosaurs so that doesn’t even count! So I type in ABA and again a whole NINE results now. If you type in Autism, its 309 results. If you type in “love” or “advice” you’re going to get over 10,000 results. This is a problem to me! So I wanted to talk about it!

It made me sad to see that the resources that could really help people, such as audibles, are limited in my field. Podcasts are finally taking off, but they are mainly targeting professionals in the field, when we need to be putting out content that also helps PARENTS and other CAREGIVERS! Therefore, I am on another mission, I have a lot of those, to come up with EASY TO UNDERSTAND content for parents or caregivers who have children or loved ones on the autism spectrum.

I encourage other professionals to also create disseminated content for people who are either working with and/or raising children on the spectrum or even adults on the spectrum (that’s not my area of competency). After all, this is part of our codes, to ensure that the people who we are providing treatment for fully understand and agree to the treatment and one way to do that is by making our language easy to understand when explaining that to them. Don’t believe me: check out the BACB’s Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts.

And truth be told, I spent the rest of the day earlier writing about my previous post, “Breaking Down the BACB Codes for BCBAs” that I completely never finished this one; mission has been started!

So here we are, about eight hours later and I started a new series disseminating our code just because of this post. Therefore, I still wanted to share this with you and let you know just how my brain operates.

Happy reading and enjoy your day! 🙂

-Dear Perception

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