Why Don’t You Leave?

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Stay with me. Let me tear you down.

Let me talk to you. When everyone is around.

Let me humiliate you. Because I am weak.

Because that makes me feel better.

Because I am mean.

Let me project my pain and anger onto you.

Take this from me, there’s nothing you can do.

You sit quietly as I laugh and break your heart.

You never thought you would meet someone so dark.

I’m drained. I’m broken. I’m dead inside.

I lie to myself, all of the time.

I smile, I laugh, I like to socialize.

I like to turn the other way when I look in the mirror to avoid my eyes.

Maybe one day, you will see that it’s time to leave.

That being with me isn’t the right place to be.

That you can do better. That I’m not that great.

I’ll start the process so you can start with a fresh slate.

This was an older poem that was written at a time when I was identifying that I needed to be a better person for the person I was with! I was recognizing my flaws and I didn’t like them. I didn’t love the person I was being. I didn’t love myself.

Instead of pushing him away, I identified that I was flawed myself and together we are continuously working on growth and progress to make our relationship work. It definitely starts with self-love!

Try not to always blame one another and try to identify why you feel upset in the first place. Communication really is key. Don’t avoid it to avoid an argument. Learn to talk to each other in a manner that you both understand. Learn each other!

Relationships are work so remember that when it seems easier to walk away! Did you put in the work or was the work not worth it? ❤️

-Dear Perception

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