Reality Check ✔️

mental health, thoughts

Let’s start by saying vacation was amazing even if it was short lived.

I’m back to reality.

No more rolling out of a tent into the fresh morning dew, heating up the griddle and making breakfast outdoors for my family before our hike.

No more suiting up to go to the river for endless hours of swimming because time and chores do not exist.

No more making s’mores by the campfire, running up the short hiking path in the back, and listening to the kids play in the hammock.

No more back and forth strolls to the restroom with the kids, hearing the excitement as they ask when it’s time for the next thing.


I welcome the dirty house that stands before me.

I welcome my job as I get ready to start the day.

I welcome electronics back into our lives.

I welcome social media full of negativity.

I welcome all of the stress back with open arms.

The reality is.

I’m grateful to see another day, vacation or not.

“Carpe Diem”

-Dear Perception

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