This is not a Competition

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Let’s be real. You compare yourself to others. Even if it’s over something small, you’ve done this in your life. Who hasn’t?

The real question is why do we do that?

Why do we look at what everyone else has?

Why are we in a competition with people around us? Some people we don’t even know like celebrities. Comparing our bodies to theirs or our vacations and lifestyles thinking that the way they live are goals. That’s false!

Why do I have to prove myself more than my colleague for a position?

Why do people want to have such big houses and fancy things?

Any answers?

I don’t have any either.

It’s just mind-blowing how much we all try to be in competition with each other. Society has also governed us to be this way, by making everything in our life a competition. Take credit for example. We ask others, “What’s your credit score?” to compare ours to theirs. Houses, “How many square feet?”… now why the hell does that matter to anybody? I don’t know, but it’s a question that’s been asked and the only thing I can think of is the comparison that is happening.

Maybe that’s the answer? Maybe the answer is because American Society thrives on competition. Sports is a huge example. People have been BEATEN in parking lots over their team winning or losing. Wtf people? Is it really that serious? These sports players don’t even know you exist and you’re beating people on the foundation of loyalty? That’s odd.

Maybe that’s not the answer. Maybe humans are just naturally competitive. Maybe it’s a natural instinct? One that we are born with. Natural predators that feed off of adrenaline and competing with others can definitely feel like a rush sometimes. It’s the motivation to do better.

Regardless of why it happens, start to understand that it happens. Start to notice when it happens. Start to change your way of thinking when it happens.

It comes back to appreciating yourself. Do things for yourself and your family, the ones you love. This life isn’t a competition because in the end we all fucking lose. So do what makes you happy and compete with no one.

I set my own standards and they are not based on any other person around me but my children. That’s facts.

-Dear Perception

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