Some People Don’t Care

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That’s the absolute truth.

You have to recognize body language and responses.

The reality is that the more you pay attention when you’re taking to people, the more aware you become that some people don’t give a damn about your situations, your success, your life, or a single word you have to say.

Maybe sometimes they are too busy in the moment, to which my response is, just say that! Other times people really just don’t want to listen. Again, my response is to just say that!

Many people don’t though, they will listen and you will talk while feeling like you’re a burden sometimes.

You have to be okay with that. Don’t try to change anybody’s mind. If they don’t want to listen to you or have time for you, make a mental note and keep going. Do not try to force people to listen.

As you become more aware of these different situations, you’ll also begin to recognize who does care.

Turn to those people instead.

Don’t explain to the cashier at Walmart that your life is a wreck, or the nurse or your child’s teacher. They probably don’t care. Will they be cordial, yeah, but will they add anything valuable to your conversation? Probably not.

Stop venting to the wrong people.

I talk a lot. To certain people.

To some, I’ll minimize what I’m adding to the conversation because they don’t care what I have to say.

It’s hard to figure out when to listen and when to speak.

All I know is that I pay attention and I stop talking when I’m wasting my time and someone else’s. It would be a hell of a lot easier if people would say, “I don’t care!” However that is frowned upon and rude in our society:

Good thing I don’t care about what society thinks.

I tell people when I don’t care. I tell my kids that I don’t care sometimes. I’m not being rude, I’m being honest.

I don’t care about drama that doesn’t pertain to anyone in my circle.

I don’t care about the newest trend.

I listen, but I’ll say, I don’t care instead of responding with some fake response.

I have no time to spare anyone’s feelings. I genuinely care about things like helping families, keeping my family together, books I read, some issues that my close circle has, but I listen to my close circle because they have been identified as the ones who care.

See where I’m getting?

I put the same energy out as I receive.

I suggest you start to do the same to people. It’s all fine until you’re having a mental breakdown because people are getting to you or you’re overwhelmed.

Instead of trying to “tough it out” and “push through it” why not stop before it starts?

-Dear Perception

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