Late Thoughts 🌙

Poetry, thoughts

Let’s talk about long days and longer nights.

Staying up late with too much shit upon my mind.

There’s a million things to do and simply not enough time.

So here I lie, sleep deprived.

This repetition is insane.

But I can’t stop my brain.

So it’s the same everyday.

I look forward to no changes.

Life gets hectic, people fail.

Well I would rather go to hell.

I’ve been through too much shit to bail.

Still managed to stay out of jail.

You see we all can make our choices.

Hear excuses in people’s voices.

I think people need to take courses.

In basic life skills, maybe more shit.

I survived and learned to do so.

With no guidance, just my own codes.

I’m observant, assume I know know.

My mouth won’t indulge in your exposure.

Needless to say, secrets are safe.

I’ll tuck them away, no need to play games.

Life could really be so easy.

If everyone went about their own ways.

-Dear Perception

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