Hey Again, Friend!

anxiety, mental health, Poetry, thoughts


Go figure.

Sound familiar?

What’s the deal here?

The world’s chaotic.

Wish I was bionic

If I want it, then I got it

That’s the type of shit I’m on!

Used to be so small

Trying to survive

in the streets of the hood

I remember those nights

Adapted to life

Never have I been blind

I cut my heart out

one piece at a time

I’m left with holes and my minds not right

I’m tired of these feelings inside.

I either shut them out completely

But That’s never really pleasing

Then I open up again

Forgetting that I bleed easy

Then my head gets to spinning

Then my breathing starts to increase

Then the speed I try to decrease

Before it’s too late and I’m wheezing.

The tears are flowing, my mind’s freezing.

Welcome back,


-Dear Perception

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