Mindless Searching

Poetry, thoughts

My mind’s been blank.

What more is there to say.

I try to find every possible way,

to escape.

It’s like I’m floating through time.

Stuck in a real low frequency vibe.

Hanging on for the ride,

until I die.

In the meantime I get bored.

I always want something more.

I search and search,

but there’s nothing new behind the doors.

So I spaz out in the moment.

I really start to get going.

Freely falling and exploring,

the knowledge up in my storage.

Then suddenly there’s too much to do.

I have to look around the room.

Responsibility I have to assume.

For the mess as I create total doom.

For myself and others around me.

The sacrifices they make are astounding.

I am grateful they are so understanding.

As I work and drown out my surroundings.

Find time in the day to tune back in.

Listen to my loved ones once again.

Try to engage, play, make everything blend.

To balance the unbalanced series of events.

It’s work more than play.

It’s zoning out in the day.

It’s trying to find the motivation to be okay.

It’s finding the light when you’ve lost your way.

Sometimes it’s questionable.

How much does everyone know?

Is it something that I possibly show?

This life I’m living, I really don’t know.

I think we’re all just trying to do our best.

Some care a little more than the rest.

Some think a little harder when taking the test.

Some want to be the very greatest.

In the end, we all really end up the same way.

What you have now is what you pick to stay.

What you do now is how you’ll be remembered someday.

Choose to live or go astray, the choice is always yours to make!

-Dear Perception

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