Time to Reset

anxiety, depression, mental health, Poetry, thoughts

I’m gonna need you to wipe those tears.

I’m gonna need you to dry your eyes.

I’m gonna need your vision real clear.

I’m gonna need you to sit down for the ride.

I’m gonna enlighten you for the moment.

Hold my hand please don’t let go of it.

There was once an army that was growing.

Till a plague hit, true story.

Now my heart is sore.

And my mind is foggy.

And this life we live

Has become so fkn sorry.

But we keep on pushing

Punishing ourselves.

Looking in the mirror.

Staring at our cells.

Staying caged inside of our own minds.

Everybody doesn’t realize that there’s no time.

To let the brain get lost in the crossed wires.

Find yourself caught up in the crossfire.

Your levels altered from all of your life’s trauma.

Adrenaline gets pumping, manipulating the mind.

Repeating to myself that everything is fine.

But I lie.

I lie to avoid the reality of no reality.

To escape the negative times that show up so unexpectedly.

Except that’s not how the brain operates entirely.

Instead it creates self hate from all of the deceit.

Create what’s not fate.

Create self hate because all of this is fake.

Until suddenly it’s real again.

When your brain’s done with seeking thrills again.

When the manic stage starts to reveal you again.

Now I’m stuck looking at my past choices like man.

No regrets, no second guesses.

I like the life that constantly presses.

The life that keeps my mind on edge.

The life that makes me feel free, no catch.

Prevail through shit, content.

Life’s so unfortunate.

Passing through the space’s net.

Why doesn’t everybody just do what they can?

Myself included, it seems I need to go reflect.

-Dear Perception

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