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If addiction is a familiar story to you whether directly or indirectly, I recommend listening to others tell their stories about surviving and recovering. These stories are often lost. There are plenty of negative stories that discuss overdosing and deaths, but what about the people that overcome the addiction? Educate yourself through experience! Listen below!

Joanne Petersen – Executive Director of Learn2Cope The Addiction Podcast – Point of No Return

Joanne Peterson is the Founder and Executive Director of Learn to Cope (LTC), a non-profit, peer-led support network established in 2004. Ms. Peterson’s journey started when she was a young girl, as her siblings experienced issues with addiction. Years later, when Ms. Peterson discovered that her own son’s experimentation with prescription drugs had led to an opioid addiction, she was motivated and empowered to use her voice to bring about change. Today, her son is in long term recovery.
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