Applied Behavior Analysis

Breaking down the BACB Code for BCBAs 1.04

1.04 Integrity (a)  Behavior analysts are truthful and honest and arrange the environment to promote truthful and honest behavior in others. (b)  Behavior analysts do not implement contingencies that would cause others to engage in fraudulent, illegal, or unethical conduct. (c)  Behavior analysts follow through on obligations, and contractual and professional commitments with high quality […]

Be Kind, Think Different

I saw these on Facebook and wanted to share them with you all. Really cool ways to remember how to interact with people who may have disabilities. -Dear Perception

Breaking down the BACB Code for BCBAs 1.03

1.03 Maintaining Competence through Professional Development. Behavior analysts maintain knowledge of current scientific and professional information in their areas of practice and undertake ongoing efforts to maintain competence in the skills they use by reading the appropriate literature, attending conferences and conventions, participating in workshops, obtaining additional coursework, and/or obtaining and maintaining appropriate professional credentials. […]

Breaking down the BACB Code for BCBAs 1.02

1.02 Boundaries of Competence. (a) All behavior analysts provide services, teach, and conduct research only within the boundaries of their competence, defined as being commensurate with their education, training, and supervised experience. (b) Behavior analysts provide services, teach, or conduct research in new areas (e.g., populations, techniques, behaviors) only after first undertaking appropriate study, training, […]