Breathe in and breathe out. Is that the light? I was born into this world ready to die. Where is my mind? Developing, still just cells. Who will I become? Only time will tell. It’s been years and years I’ve yet to discover who I am Other than a case full of anxiety and stress. […]

Sometimes, poetry won’t cut it when you feel like your brain is maxing out. I’m on the verge of having an anxiety attack. I recognize the precursors by now. There’s a tightness in my stomach, my back is aching, my head hurts, I can’t sleep. Now I’m like a ticking time bomb to nobody but […]

Tonight’s one of those nights, Where things creep into my mind. Staring blankly at the black screen under my closed eyes. The vibe just isn’t right. My heart keeps jolting inside. Searching for answers I can’t find. So I sit and take in the silence. But… The questions never end. It’s all starting to blend. […]

It’s easy to get wrapped up emotions. It really gets you going. Rage is exploding. It’s difficult to settle your mind. Tell it to chill out one more time. Understand positive and negative vibes. Protect your energy. Be who you need someone to be. Remind yourself daily. Be kind, be at peace. Someone needs help, […]

They say that we all live to die. My question is why? Why do we build up this life? When in the end we say bye? Does our life serve a purpose? Have we created fictional versions Of what life is supposed to be Making it a harder excursion. We give and we take Some […]

1.04 Integrity (a)  Behavior analysts are truthful and honest and arrange the environment to promote truthful and honest behavior in others. (b)  Behavior analysts do not implement contingencies that would cause others to engage in fraudulent, illegal, or unethical conduct. (c)  Behavior analysts follow through on obligations, and contractual and professional commitments with high quality […]

All of a sudden time stops for a moment. Your world stops. Nothing else matters. Your mind becomes blocked. Then suddenly it’s clear to see. Living in a world of pain. The purpose of life is now so real. Life is a losing game. Grief never leaves. The what if’s never stop. The agony inside […]

Let’s talk about long days and longer nights. Staying up late with too much shit upon my mind. There’s a million things to do and simply not enough time. So here I lie, sleep deprived. This repetition is insane. But I can’t stop my brain. So it’s the same everyday. I look forward to no […]

Sit back, let’s have a conversation and relax. Brain: You do realize you don’t have time for that. Enlighten me with your life’s stories. Anxiety: This doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. If you need anything, just let me know. Heart: You’re always trying to cover up your sorrow. I can’t wait for […]

Right now the days feel like they fly by. But that won’t last forever. There’s so much to do with so little time. Time we all borrow together. As history continues to repeat. We will only remain a generation. One of the many, many families. Passing blood down to the next of kin. We are […]