ABA Therapy Services

Credentials: BCBA TX 1-17-27709: LBA: #2440

Hello, welcome to the professional side of me!

When it comes to ABA and working with my families, I take the most pride and joy in the progress we can make together! My compassion and understanding as a parent leads me through my daily career, helping families obtain some control and comfort within their home. Sometimes, the process is long, but the progress is amazing!

You can verify my credentials by visiting https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/LicenseSearch/ and entering my last and first name, Morgan, Brittany. You can also look up my BCBA certification by visiting https://www.bacb.com/services/o.php?page=101135 and entering my BCBA number above.

Behavior Analysis is one field that I can never get tired of.

I love my job and I love helping and working with all of my clients and families.

I work with primarily children with autism as well as some adolescents, ranging in ages from 2 to 20 years of age.

I’ve been in the field for six years now, starting with in-home services and moving into clinical and school settings, primarily specializing in severe behavior.

My full time job includes serving as a clinical manager for a collaboration clinic, working with families who have new diagnosis as well as training future behavior analysts, sending them out in the field to spread their knowledge and help families all around!


If you are a BCBA, RBT, student, parent, or someone else who just wants more information on a specific ABA topic, please reach out to me.

Content can include:



Package 1: (5) 30-minute sessions $60

Services include initial consultation meeting, observations meeting, assessments as needed, parent training on ONE specific goal, and individualized written recommendations. Scheduling is limited. First come, first serve basis.

Package 2: (3) 30-minute sessions $30.00

Services include an initial meeting, observations, and a next steps guide and resources to help you with your ABA journey.

Package 3: (1) 1-hour consultation $15.00

Services include an initial meeting with limited observations as well as individualized resources

Remote Supervision Available

$10.00 per 30m (Negotiable)

Will include revision or consultation covering the BCBA or RBT Task list content only.

No case specifics due to HIPPA.