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First off, let’s clear this up from the jump. #BlackLivesMatter

I encourage you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

This isn’t up for debate but if you have an alternate opinion than please share. I am open to having discussions not arguments and will not engage or respond to provoking emails or comments. They will be deleted or ignored!

Next thing, #minoritiesmatter! We are fighting for justice to get innocent people out of cages! ICE has to do better. No excuses! Again, I encourage you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Also, you can follow Abolish ICE on Facebook to stay updated!

Social justice man. Be a decent human in this corrupted world. We can do better if we communicated more and had an open mind! I recently read a quote that said, “Be teachable, you’re not always right” and that is some of the realest advice I can give right now!

*CW: I, Pedophile: My Thoughts on the Documentary

First thing is first: This is an uncomfortable conversation. Please read to the end. There’s an entire thought process I have going here and I would love for you to see it through and then provide feedback. I would love an open discussion because I am always open to hear how someone else thinks. I […]

*CW: Fucked Upness

I used to think life was hard. Until I became more aware. I started looking around me And I started to care. Everyone I see Is living with anxiety Because that’s the way society Would really like for us to be. Fearful and scared. Quivering in the corner. Slap on your mask. That’s governor’s orders. […]

#Woke ✌️

They say time  just never slows down  But in my mind, time’s a concept unfound  I look around and stare down  When did I get this high, what now  Humble me, humble as can be  I take pride in everything that I lead  I take pride in everything that I can be  I take the […]