Current Events

First off, let’s clear this up from the jump. #BlackLivesMatter

I encourage you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

This isn’t up for debate but if you have an alternate opinion than please share. I am open to having discussions not arguments and will not engage or respond to provoking emails or comments. They will be deleted or ignored!

Next thing, #minoritiesmatter! We are fighting for justice to get innocent people out of cages! ICE has to do better. No excuses! Again, I encourage you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Also, you can follow Abolish ICE on Facebook to stay updated!

Social justice man. Be a decent human in this corrupted world. We can do better if we communicated more and had an open mind! I recently read a quote that said, “Be teachable, you’re not always right” and that is some of the realest advice I can give right now!

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