Current Events

Can we please talk about what is happening this year?

Altogether, the current events in just 2020, not even from the previous years, can make up an entire book. Lucky for you, I’ve started one!


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Kobe and Gianna: The year opened up with a legendary basketball player passing away, with his young daughter. The world was shocked and stood still for a brief time to mourn.

Chapter 2: China and Corona: The US begins to grow wary of the Coronavirus outbreak in China as it begins to spread beyond that region.

Chapter 3: The Last Adventure: Spring break 2020. Definitely one of the last adventures anybody had. COVID-19 made it’s way to the United States and began spreading. The US follows in the footsteps of the other countries and begins to shut down. Limiting gatherings to less than 10 people. Closing bars, retail stores, restaurants, and more to contain the virus and limit hospital capacity. Some states and cities see devastating outcomes. Others begin to see a flattening curve.

Chapter 4: Pandemic: School for sure is not going to open anymore. Yay for the parents playing teacher! Things get shut down even further, people are continue to lose jobs and claim unemployment. The government is figuring out how to deal with the economy. Stimulus checks are proposed and sent out to help give Americans some relief.

Chapter 4.5: Murder Hornets: Giant ass hornets are in Washington DC. Seriously! Fear not, they are giant wasps and their name stems from their aggression towards bees. So now let’s go save the bees.

Chapter 5: George Floyd: The United States came together (well some were very divided) in the wake of George Floyd, a man who was held down for almost nine minutes, by an officers knee in his neck. The recorded video spark outrage through the United States for a movement that would change laws. A movement that would not and has not given up.

Chapter 6: Combating Racism and Police Brutality: The movement continues. People continue to fight for justice and change to our justice system. More videos are exposed of police brutality, protests continue to erupt. People continue to fight for what’s right. The Supreme Court starts to make some calls in favor of the movement!

Chapter 6.5: Fort Hood and the case of Vanessa Guillen: A Fort Hood soldier who has been missing for a couple of months. The family wants justice and the story begins to get public coverage. Fort Hood officially begins to investigate the missing soldier’s case. During the investigation, another missing soldier’s remains from August 2019 were found with another body being found a week or two later, unidentified.

Bonus content for Chapter 6: One Galaxy: Hidden Intelligent Life: Okay, there’s apparently a lot of other people or whatever we want to call them (aliens?), living amongst us. Oh yeah, Texas (where I’m at anyway) is officially in a huge spike in COVID cases so here’s to the first round because we refused to wait to re-open!

Chapter 7: IDK WTF happened this month!

Chapter 8: #SaveourChildren: Public raids began happening to discuss law enforcement saving a multitude of children at one time. People began to start a trend to fight back against child trafficking and #saveourchildren began trending.

Chapter 9: RIP Supreme: The nation lost Supreme Justice Ruth Ginsberg and the 45th president wants to break tradition and elect a new one before election. Breonna Taylor’s trial was swept under the rug as justice was not served in her case. Presedential election talks begin to be a new focus.

Chapter 10: Presedential Debates: The main focus are the debates and how terrible our country is looking. To be continued……

To read up on more current events, visit NYTimes.

Feel free to talk to me about any of the crap that is going on in our world. Life can be overwhelming right now. I’m here for it! Even if you disagree, that’s okay!

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