Sunshine Beyond the Sky

Being sad, uninterested in life, not seeing the sunshine, can really fuck with someone. If you feel you are that someone, or you know you are that someone, remember this quote.

If you are uncertain and have been debating about whether or not to get checked for depression, take a pre-screening test.

If you are depressed, ensure you seek out the right medical professional to help you!


Feeling lonely?

I live in a household with four other people. Three little humans that depend on me. I supervise countless students and employees and work with numerous families throughout my daily life. I have a pretty solid support system, if you want to call it that, I have people I can turn to if needed. I […]

How To (Not) Save A Life

There is a sentiment that gets resurrected every Memorial Day: “If you need anything, if you ever feel like you can’t go on anymore, please don’t … How To (Not) Save A Life Self-fkn care at it’s finest! Applauds to this person for learning their limits! Being a crutch for someone is exhausting but that […]