Be Mindful

Depression in a nutshell is you no longer doing things that you once used to enjoy doing.

You engage in behaviors that may be impulsive to try to make yourself feel better.

You shut down for weeks at a time, because something triggered you.

Either way, depression is real, and it can take people to very scary places.

I’m not saying it’s anyone’s job to get them out of it, but the more we know about depression, the more we can learn how to create a better environment for others who go through it.

Whether you think you are affected by depression or not, the next time you are around your loud, smiley, happy, seems to have life figured out friend, take some time to sit down and really listen to them. Read between the lines. You’ll figure out that EVERYONE, almost everyone, has some kind of story to tell.

Sometimes, we just need someone to listen!