Kids are a whole different ballpark. If you thought you had life figured out before kids, they are going to make you re-evaluate that shit real quick! They are all cute and innocent and then bam, they talk back to you and test your patience! To top it all off, YOU have to be the one to teach them how to survive in life. This makes me question myself completely. Do I even know how to survive in life?

One thing is for sure, I definitely could not do this thing alone so I’ve put together some top advice when it comes to having kids from other parents like myself!

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Don’t do it.

-Me, the creator. Motherhood est. 2008

Love your child(ren) unconditionally, but do not make them your life. Reason being, as parents we are to provide them life tools to help them grow and prepare them for the world, they will leave the home [and] when they do, you don’t want to lose you in the process.

JaVanka. Motherhood Est. 1995

It’s not easy raising a child there is no manual that comes with each child being born.

-Gloria, Motherhood Est. 1983

Be firm. Be patient. Be loving. 

Raise a wolf, not a sheep!

– Justin, Fatherhood Est. 2012

Allow your children to make mistakes, but leave room in your heart for compassion and forgiveness when they do!

-Deb, Motherhood est. 1993

Cry if you need to cry!

-Rose, my mom, Motherhood est. 1984

Don’t Get Caught!

Darrell, Fatherhood est. 1987

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