Breaking down the BACB Code for BCBAs 1.03

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy, Autism, BCBA, RBT

1.03 Maintaining Competence through Professional Development.

Behavior analysts maintain knowledge of current scientific and professional information in their areas of practice and undertake ongoing efforts to maintain competence in the skills they use by reading the appropriate literature, attending conferences and conventions, participating in workshops, obtaining additional coursework, and/or obtaining and maintaining appropriate professional credentials.

BACB Code 1.03

One thing about this field and being a Behavior Analyst is that your education does not end once you obtain that certification. You have an obligation to maintain your knowledge base. As a field of science, there are variables always changing and you have to keep up with that.

Therefore, the BACB requires BCBA’s to obtain at least 32 CEUs within a two-year period in order to be able to re-certify. I will be the first to say, although this is a requirement, it is very easy to meet this goal and still feel uneducated.

Finding the right professional development for you to learn best is a must to be motivated to learn more about our field. I personally learn from everyone and everywhere. I love hearing the Autistic’s perspective on ABA and I love the reform movement. I also enjoy learning about the science behind our field, current things people are practicing, as well as listening to others disseminate our field.

Basically, this code means you need to stay up to date on what’s going on around you. Don’t learn something and stick with it forever. Always find room to grow and learn! There are tons of resources out there, take the time you spend on Facebook and social media, and find a site such as CEUEY or listen to podcasts. Sign up for free webinars through Verbal Beginnings and find other resources that are interesting to you and relevant to your practice.

Keep educating yourself and don’t ever stop. Knowledge is power and our power is to help our families and clients!

-Dear Perception