Let’s face the reality of parenting today. Let’s talk about how children these days are being raised… it’s a tricky and touchy subject. This statement alone is true for some. There are parents who are dealing with children with developmental delays, parents who may have adopted children with behavioral issues, parents who try and no […]

Cancer has shown up or another journey in my family. My dad has been diagnosed with cancer and he has NO INSURANCE! We are reaching out for support on this one. If you can please check the link out below, share, and help if you can! I would appreciate all of the positive thoughts! Thank […]

I briefly mentioned this in my book, but my dad always gave me this advice. My dad, he’s a trip. I know him, but I don’t. I know certain things about him, but there’s no bond really that I feel. It’s cool I have a dad, I try to keep up with him and offer […]