Move Forward

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Stop going back to the same shit!

It’s time to move forward and never question why it happened. If it happened, there was a reason.

Give the same energy other people give. Fuck benefits of the doubt, fuck that they might be a good person, that you can shape them.

I say we give time limits.

Set boundaries, up your standards realistically.

If you’re a good person, if you provide and survive independently, then chase that shit.

If you’re not, then don’t expect to have someone just come in and take care of you.

Match your partner!

Match your friends!

Match the energy!

I pay attention to how I feel.

I make decisions based on the energy and the analyzed situation.

I don’t jump into things without thinking.

I think too much sometimes but that’s okay, if I’m wrong I’m wrong.

I’m not scared to admit that I have flaws and make mistakes.

The human population has turned into this competitive melting pot and we are all just melting.

Melting into pools of blood and tears of sadness.

The population kills itself because life is too difficult and complex for us to understand. So we give up.

Some don’t but some do and it’s terrifying.

Terrifying that we literally control ourselves but we can’t control ourselves.

That we choose to make excuses or we can’t grasp the concept of working harder and being better than our examples.

You grew up and believe it or not, what you do as an adult typically mirrors your elders, all of them.

Your parents or caregivers, your teachers, your older peers.

You look around and see things and you like them. Why? Why do you like them?

Is it something beneficial that you are mirroring?

Think deeper and question yourself instead of others.

Think beyond what you were taught and what you see.

Think about who you are when nobody is looking.

Are you happy with yourself? 

-Dear Perception

This Shit’s Hard

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Click the picture to read an article for tips to help with writer’s block!

Honestly, I opened a new post and immediately thought, what the fuck am I even going to write about? Then that was it. That’s what I wanted to write about.

Yesterday I read through some different blogs as I often do as I attempt to gain more followers and read new perspectives, and one of them was the usual, “HOW TO GROW YOUR BLOG”. I quickly skimmed through it and something stood out,

“You need to write EVERY DAY!”.

-Other blogger

The fuck you mean I need to write everyday!?!


That was my initial thought but as I try to keep up with at least one meaningful post a day, I find myself struggling to figure out what to write about! I think it’s because I have too many things I would like to cover and limited time to get all of the thoughts out!

I initially started this blog as an outlet for others, well that’s my desire anyway, a way people can connect and not argue but discuss things! I encourage communication between everyone, especially those who struggle with life or suffer from mental disorders, and those who don’t agree on shit! Instead of holding a negative perspective of other people, why not discuss it and try to understand it or maybe others do not understand your stance. Sometimes, it’s best to agree to disagree for sure but you can’t make that decision without talking about it first. My personal opinion anyway.

I also started this as a way to grow my clientele as a Behavior Analyst and supervisor. However it gets really tricky keeping up with those topics. Regardless, I chose them because I feel competent in these areas or I would like to educate myself more which means I have to learn before I write about a certain topic, because I would hate to publish fake news or uneducated opinions.

Either way, my advice for everyone who starts a new post without a clear thought, just start writing and see what your mind wants to say.

That’s what I just did and bam, here’s another post for you lovely individuals!

Happy Friday!

-Dear Perception