Rebuild the Ruins

Poetry, thoughts

What can I say?

My mind goes insane.

Manipulation of the brain.

I need to watch what I say.

I need to stop before I speak.

I need to listen to what I preach.

It’s a dangerous war, I can’t claim defeat.

I got a lot of people who are looking at me.

And I never say it but I might say it now.

It’s all piling up and I’m falling down.

Some days I feel high up and other days I drown.

Some days I can conquer, but I’m not right now.

If we could all be honest, without judgement.

I could speak up just a little more on it.

I could try to help everyone overcome it.

I could lay it all out for the public.

That I’m learning to accept myself.

That I’m learning to forgive myself.

I’m learning things that I thought were too complex for myself.

It’s hard but I want to be a better human.

I will successfully rebuild the ruins.

We can all be okay if we really want to change.

If we’re truly honest instead of loyal to the game.

Who do you see inside your eyes,

when you lay down at night?

When there’s nobody around,

what makes your heart feel light?

It’s okay if you don’t know the answers to these questions.

I’m finding out we’re all just taking chances and making guesses.

There’s not really a manuscript to end up where we are destined.

Lead by our thoughts and decisions taught by our ancestors.

I hear them telling me to remember that I can always do better.

Dear Perception

Forever Evolving

Poetry, thoughts
-Dear Perception

I’m forever evolving.

I’m not the same person you met before.

My old persona is dissolving.

I’m becoming someone much stronger.

As the process of becoming me continues.

I realized there’s still so much to learn.

There’s so many other avenues.

Than what I imagined at first.

Simple minds don’t think alike.

My views sure as hell may not match yours.

Raising likes ain’t my goal in life.

I’m not out here trying to be popular.

I have three sets of eyes on me everyday.

Three beautiful spirits, uniquely insane.

I’m teaching them to always find their way.

To be okay with not being okay.

That life isn’t always going to be fair.

The tears will go as quickly as they come.

Play nice, but keep that guard up there.

No need in getting burned, it’s not fun.

Teaching them through my poor mistakes.

The attitude of I know it all.

Haven’t we all gone through that phase.

The reality of being so small.

I’m growing, I’m evolving.

I’m not who you once used to know.

I’m not sure if I know who I’m becoming.

I just know up ahead is a long road!

-Dear Perception

Refocused .💭. Thoughts

anxiety, Poetry, thoughts

Focus on not focusing.

Clear your head.

Deep breathing.

But don’t think about the breath.

Excuse me? Come again!

That shit seems impossible.


My mind is blown.

You’re telling me,

you can do these things?

Stop your thoughts,

tranquilize your own mind?

My mind filled up with songs.

These thoughts won’t leave no matter how hard I try!

I know you’re not supposed to try though.

You’re supposed to relax.

Kick back.

Don’t think about the past!

Fuck that.

These continuous thoughts won’t stop unless I move.

Stay busy and refocused, then those thoughts go too.

Meditation may be something I don’t know how to do.

I’ve spent my whole life finding ways to drown out the noise in my head.

Pick up a book and read instead.


Then I write.

Take the thoughts out of my mind.

Stopping them? That will never be.

I’ll keep finding ways that work for me!

-Dear Perception

I’m NOT here to FIX you!

Autism, Parenting

I live my life based on a few solid principles. This is one of them that can apply to my personal life as well as my career.

It sounds really rude however it’s not exactly what it reads to be.

What I mean is, I’m here to HELP you, not fix you. It’s not my job to fix you.

I recently talked with a co-worker about this and it was such a huge revelation for me to quote it in this manner. When people think of ABA therapy, they see it as 1). Potentially harmful (some people) 2). The go to treatment” to fix/cure/treat, children with autism. 3). What’s ABA therapy?

However, the reality is, we aren’t fixing anything and we definitely cannot cure autism or other disabilities.

In the field of Behavior Analysis, we are not here to fix your child or you or fix anything! ABA therapy is anything but a quick fix that is for sure. It is better described as a team effort that heavily includes the caregivers as a part of that team, and the main person, the person who is going through the treatment.

Therefore, when designing the programs to intervene in someone’s life, it is important to first identify their perspective on life. Something that may seem normal and easy to us may appear differently and difficult for someone else.

Take the time to step out of your world and get into theirs! It’s time to look at autism, disabilities, behavioral issues in a different light. It’s time to start looking at it from their perspective and realize life is different and that’s okay! Remember the principles of behavior and stay true to those as well but keep in mind what it’s like to be a human being. You can identify a function but the treatment put into place has to remember the barriers to treatment outside of 1:1 therapy (can caregivers replicate this?) and where the patient is developmentally as well as potential triggers in the environment

So take a day. It doesn’t even have to be a day, it can be an hour, thirty minutes, any time you can gather, and schedule time to relax and make life fun for your loved one! Not only are you working on establishing yourself as a POSITIVE person, you are establishing control with them so that they don’t feel that life always has to be hard, because for them, our “typical” life, is a little bit harder for them. Spend some time to give them a day off from trying to fit in and let them be themselves!

-Dear Perception