Move Forward

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Stop going back to the same shit!

It’s time to move forward and never question why it happened. If it happened, there was a reason.

Give the same energy other people give. Fuck benefits of the doubt, fuck that they might be a good person, that you can shape them.

I say we give time limits.

Set boundaries, up your standards realistically.

If you’re a good person, if you provide and survive independently, then chase that shit.

If you’re not, then don’t expect to have someone just come in and take care of you.

Match your partner!

Match your friends!

Match the energy!

I pay attention to how I feel.

I make decisions based on the energy and the analyzed situation.

I don’t jump into things without thinking.

I think too much sometimes but that’s okay, if I’m wrong I’m wrong.

I’m not scared to admit that I have flaws and make mistakes.

The human population has turned into this competitive melting pot and we are all just melting.

Melting into pools of blood and tears of sadness.

The population kills itself because life is too difficult and complex for us to understand. So we give up.

Some don’t but some do and it’s terrifying.

Terrifying that we literally control ourselves but we can’t control ourselves.

That we choose to make excuses or we can’t grasp the concept of working harder and being better than our examples.

You grew up and believe it or not, what you do as an adult typically mirrors your elders, all of them.

Your parents or caregivers, your teachers, your older peers.

You look around and see things and you like them. Why? Why do you like them?

Is it something beneficial that you are mirroring?

Think deeper and question yourself instead of others.

Think beyond what you were taught and what you see.

Think about who you are when nobody is looking.

Are you happy with yourself? 

-Dear Perception

Be A Fucking Ray of Sunshine

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I did the opposite thing today and decided to make a video first before writing.

Check it out!


That doesn’t mean I’m not going to write a post about it too! This is for my readers, also because my videos are shitty quality right now and honestly, they probably always will be because I’m not trying to produce quality videos.

Anyway, I’m stressed as hell today and it has nothing to do with anything I can control. There are a lot of things in our life that we can’t do shit about and sometimes it’s best that we fully release those high intense emotions that we feel when a situation is out of our control!

If you’re anything like me, I love to control shit. I love to be in control of the way the house is set up and the way it’s cleaned, the way I raise my kids, the way I run a clinic, everything. I want to control it all because when I was growing up, there wasn’t anyone really telling me what to do. I learned most of the things I know on my own and because I couldn’t control the world around me, I made sure to control my own world. Therefore, I’ve had some slaps to the face throughout my lifetime, learning to relinquish those things that are beyond my control even within my own bubble.

It’s taken plenty of time and I’m still not fully there but I try my best to recognize when I can’t do a damn thing about something. The more I sit and dwell on the stressful times and things that I literally cannot change, the less happy I am.

So yes, I take the energy that stresses me out and I make it positive. At least I try to do this as often as I can. I can control my feelings regardless of the situation. I can control how I respond. I choose to be happy and positive and try to maintain that even when dark clouds hover above me or around me, they will not consume my little light that keeps me happy inside. It may be dimming, but it’s still there for now!

So find your little light and be a fucking ray of sunshine. For yourself. For others. For the shit you can’t control. In the end, life goes on and you have to go on with it. Troubled times pass, grieving times are hard and feel endless, anger arises and seems to fill up our inner being, sometimes all of these situations are things we can’t control. However, we can control how we choose to respond to the situation. I choose to try to stay positive. What do you choose to do with your response?

-Dear Perception