What’s Up

Let your mind decide where you will go!


If you feel like you need a way to release all of the thoughts and emotions in your head, this page is for you!

Expression will provide you with some ideas to help you release bottled up emotions and cope through some of those crucial moments in life.

Mental Health

SERIOUS VIBE HERE. This page will provide various resources for some of the most common mental illnesses that people suffer from to include but not be limited to anxiety, depression, addiction, and bipolar disorders. Although there may be content that is published intended for relatable humor, mental health is not a joke and will be taken seriously.


Kids do not come with instructions. If you are a parent or a caregiver of anyone younger than you, you’ve found that out fairly quickly! Therefore, this section will obviously just be a mess of guesses and my own experiences. I’ve found that talking to other parents about my experiences has really helped along this unknown journey. #Parentsunite!

Behavior Analysis

Target Audience Intended

For anyone who engages with someone who is on the Autism Spectrum. Find resources for providers and parents based on what I know from being in the field as a behavior analyst. Content to include various procedures and interventions at a very broad level. No specific interventions or guidance can or will be given. To learn more about the content published, please contact your nearest ABA provider.

Current Events

WTF is going on in our world? Join me in discussing the non-sense that goes on around the world. Topics may be difficult to discuss but conversations are necessary to get past the bullshit. So let’s talk about it!

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